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Quality machinery for the industrial production of


We have the know-how you need.

Four Fields of Expertise

We ourselves do not manufacture or sell ammunition, primers, detonators, pyrotechnic compositions.

But we make the machines for you to produce them.


Technology Transfer

  • Chemical processes

  • Material specification

  • Element drawings

  • Gauges

  • Quality control procedures

Facility Layout

  • Machine implantation

  • Energies (water, air, electricity)

  • Reinforced foundations

  • Production and safety flows

  • Monitoring

Worldwide Support


On-site assistance:

  • Installation of the machines

  • Commissioning

  • Fine adjustments until quality production

  • Training of your technicians

  • Ad hoc interventions for repairs or subsequent adaptations


Long-term assistance:

  • Technical documentation

  • After sales service

  • Maintenance plans

And More...

  • We also honor smaller orders of individual machines or single tools, anything you need to improve or complete your existing line.

  • On demand, we can adapt our presses for the production of your own metallic parts, even if they are not ammunition or detonators.


Countries Served


Machines in Service


Qualified Workers


Precision machine designer and builder, New Lachaussée innovates in fine mechanics and pyrotechnics since 1830.

New Lachaussée headquarters are based in Milmort (Herstal, Belgium), a historical origin of the global development of metallurgy and steelmaking. For centuries, our region has been developing cutting-edge mechanics and state-of-the-art ballistics. Our skills are based on the long industrial tradition in the region and probably the most qualified people in the field. Since its creation in 1830, you can imagine that Lachaussée had the great fortune of working on countless truly challenging projects while networking with many influential manufacturers along the way. This company is really one of those who paved the world history of ammunition, extending its skills and know-how for nearly two centuries.

Our strength also lies in the transfer of know-how. New Lachaussée can design with you a turnkey plant, even if you do not have the necessary knowledge. And we train your technicians to make your project a success. New Lachaussée provides enriched learning sessions, on site, that have helped countless workers get ahead. We’re committed to teaching your staff to install, adjust, operate and maintain your machines as we would ourselves, with great care. 

99% of our production and expertise is exported all around the world, in full compliance and transparency with Belgian export legislation.

New Lachaussée is a certified ISO 9001 company, and a member of AFEMS and CIP.

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