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Our machines produce ammunition intended for defense and law enforcement (NATO-compliant), as well as for shooting range.

From .22 until 30mm, you will find exactly the calibers you’re looking for.

With top-of-the-line materials, cutting-edge production technologies and a highly qualified team, we guarantee complete satisfaction.

A typical case manufacturing line

  • Drawing with machine model 702/LTA

  • Degreasing with machine model 872/011

  • Body annealing with machine model 871/01/02

  • Pickling with machine model 872/021

  • Shaping with machine model 714

  • Cleaning and degreasing with machine model 873/04

  • Grooving and cutting to length with machine model 861

  • Optical gauging with machine model 887

  • Mouth annealing with machine model 871/02/02

Bullet manufacturing lines


Cartridge loading and assembly


Inputs: primed cases, composition, bullets.

Output: assembled cartridges.

This line loads primed cases with composition, inserts a bullet in the case, paints the bullet tip, inspects the finished cartridge, and finally packs them in boxes.


Machine models: 116, 122, 884, 153 (interlinked)

CE Compliant with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area.

♻️ Made from recyclable parts.

✨ Some features are optional.

🎨 Default color: RAL 6011 (green). Other colors on request.

📖 Default language: English. Translations on request.

⚡ Some technical data may be adapted to local requirements.

🖼️ Illustrations not contractual.

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