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We provide all the equipment for the production of pyrotechnic compositions for primers (TNR, tetrazene, lead styphnate, Eleyprime), waste water treatment, laboratory instruments, drying and storage units, quality inspection.

We build the presses for the manufacture of metallic cups and anvils, Boxer and Berdan, and the machines necessary for primer loading, foiling, sealing, anvil insertion, and packing.

Example of a TNR manufacturing plant


Installation in the building of tanks and reactors. Drawings for piping, wiring, energies, connections with existing equipment, safety zones for operator.​

Machine model: 739


A quick look on a priming line


This is a complete line for the loading of rimfire cases with eleyprime premix, compression of composition inside the rim, water drop inlet (to achieve chemical reaction), and drying.


Machine model: 220

CE Compliant with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area.

♻️ Made from recyclable parts.

✨ Some features are optional.

🎨 Default color: RAL 6011 (green). Other colors on request.

📖 Default language: English. Translations on request.

⚡ Some technical data may be adapted to local requirements.

🖼️ Illustrations not contractual.

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