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We build the installations for the preparation of the pyrotechnic compositions, the presses for metal drawing (detonators and relays), the machines for element loading and assembly, and various equipment for quality inspection.

Aluminum, copper, zinc, steel. Military and civil. Pyrotechnic and electric.

Overview of a detonator loading and assembly machine


Inputs: detonator shells, composition, delays.

Output: assembled detonators.

This scalable machine features adjoining operating stations and, in addition, 2 shielded bunkers for the storage of composition.


Machine model: 219

CE Compliant with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area.

♻️ Made from recyclable parts.

✨ Some features are optional.

🎨 Default color: RAL 6011 (green). Other colors on request.

📖 Default language: English. Translations on request.

⚡ Some technical data may be adapted to local requirements.

🖼️ Illustrations not contractual.

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